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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sting CFNM: Don't Cross Claudia


Sanchez (Robin Palmer) and his sister have been sent to live with their Aunt Claudia (Dagmar Ostra) while their folks are away on a long business trip.
 Sanchez thinks this is a good time to do as he pleases and soon at his college gets involved with the wrong type. 

 He's taken to smoking weed and its become noticeable that his attentions are slowly going elsewhere. What he hadn't reckoned on is that his present guardian Claudia is no woman to be messed with! His days of malingering will soon be over!

Coming home from work early Aunt Claudia is aghast to catch Sanchez on the sofa about to smoke some weed. She'd nicknamed him Sanchez after suspecting he may be hiding a few things. She is of course furious and wastes no time in pulling up the lad. She is fond of her nephew but very aware of here responsibilities to instill some discipline in to his life as well.

This naughty lad is about to learn a painful lesson!

He might be a senior lad at college but this boy like a bad pup is going over her knee. What he really needs is his bare bottom spanked and spanking hard! Never mind this modern theoretical stuff Claudia is old school and recognises cheek and insolence in a boy straight away. She gets to work!

  Sanchez bare bottom is turning a deep stinging red as slap after slap starts to rapidly get his attention.


It also gets the attention of his sister working in another room. Why is Sanchez making such a fuss like that. Time to investigate. Arriving at the living room door she is somewhat amused to see her brother stark naked and over his Aunts lap getting a good spanking like naughty young boy!

How embarrassing for Sanchez!

Feisty Aunt Claudia is having her moment and reminds Sanchez's sister she won't be taking any nonsense during their stay!

Poor Sanchez is standing against the wall now nursing his scorched bare bottom.

Its not over though as determined Aunt Claudia orders Sanchez to fetch her ferule.
 Ordered to lay on the coach the boy is going to feel the fiery sting of flat hard wood on an already sore bare bottom. 

In future he really is going to have to remember that you just don't cross Claudia and life will be fine.

Sanchez is played by Robin Palmer

In Czech with subtitles




Thursday, 4 August 2016

Sting CFNM: Detention!

The Headmaster is discussing repairs needed to the college with his deputy Head Miss Butterworth (Julia Steele). She has had to leave two boys in Detention while looking at the possible building renovations. Now she and the Head are making their way back to her classroom.

Kelvin (Tom Nuttall) and Louis (Mickey Rush) are supposed to be working but they both wind each other up to the point of a fight. They couldn't have timed their eruption more badly for at that moment the Headmaster and Miss Butterworth to walk in the door! 
Aghast at their behaviour he leaves them to be dealt with further by the now furious Miss Butterworth, How could they do this in her classroom in front of the headmaster!

Not one to be made a fool off she orders both boys to take off their trousers. They are going to get spanked. They may be senior boys but that not going to stop both of them going over Miss's knee and getting a good spanking on their firm rounded bare bottoms. 

One after another they lay across her lap, their pants are pulled down and the formidable Miss Butterworth spanks them like naughty young boys. 

They of course deserve it but more is to follow.

Told now to strip off completely both boys are ordered to lay across their desks side by side. They're going to get a dose of Miss Butterworth's wooden paddle across their bare backsides on top of the spanking she's just given them. 

They're supposed to be tough young lads so there's nothing for it but to grin and bare it. The smooth polished wooden surface of the wicked paddle burns their defenceless boy butts. 

Better behave in future and certainly don't mess with miss again.