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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Sting CFNM: Detention 2

One senior prefect (Travis McKinnon) decides that the college library would be a good place to look through his recently acquired new porn magazine. He hadn't counted on the eagle eyes of his Housemistress though (Anna Swix) who spots the lad in full abuse.

She orders him back to her study. This sort of behaviour from a senior boy cannot be tolerated. He needs to be punished and behaviour like this requires something a bit more humiliating that just a telling off. She orders him to strip off. 

The best thing for this frisky lad is a good bare bottom spanking, it might just tone down his ardour.

Miss gets to work on the muscular lads bare bottom, with him laying right over her knee thinking foolishly he can take it. Smack after smack soon changes his mind! 

By the time he is sent to face the wall his backside is burning. 

Is that the end of it? Not for miss it isn't, she's now reaching for her ferule and this wayward young student will soon be touching his toes, bare backside thrust out, feeling its biting effect!