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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Got the Blues


Oh dear Billy Cribbs (Robin Palmer) is up to no good yet again, with letter in hand he arrives at the office of the college head Miss Jackson (Lili Peterson). Quite rightly she is not impressed and orders the arrogant young man to strip down to his underwear. Over her knee he goes and straight away the spanking starts, showing Billy that bad behavior is just not on!

As Miss Jackson pulls down his underwear revealing and already glowing rump, once again the pain begins. 

Before long the door opens and there is Natasha (Naomi Beckett) the Head Student of his house but this does not deter Miss Jackson one bit and the spanking continues. 
Amused by this Natasha  takes the seat in front of Billy and adds to his embarrassment by lifting his face and laughing at him.

As if not bad enough Miss Jackson invites Natasha to come and join in the spanking delivering two hands at once, Billy is not at all happy as they spank and laugh at him and his bum gets even more sore.

standing up full of shame Billy thinks his suffering is over but he is mistaken very much as out comes the leather belt.

Leaning over the chair Billy is then given his next punishment as the two women take it in turns brining down that heavy stinging belt on his backside sending him an painful and shameful message.

As Billy stands up to get dressed they are still not finished with him and place an old fashioned 'dunce hat' on his head as they continue to laugh and chuckle at him... 

Poor Billy!