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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Sting CFNM: Michael's Misery

Things have gone from bad to worse at college for Michael Jones (Alessandro Katz). The Principal has called in his Mum (Lili Peterson) for a chat. The boy's constant low grades have become a real problem. Something radical has to be done!

Michael is ordered to report to the Principal's office and when he arrives is embarrassed to see his Mum waiting there too. The Principal has had enough of the lads lackadaisical approach and tells him he is there and then he's to be dealt with.
Michael is told to take of his clothes and prepare to be spanked, yes and in front of Mum too. He's be acting very childishly of late, so therefore will now be treated like one. 

Kneeling on a stool with his bare bottom raised wide and high the spanking begins. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. A senior girl (Naomi Bennet) is early for a meeting with the Principal.

However, rather than send her away, she is invited to witness the punishment of young Michael and spread the word that indiscipline will not be tolerated in future. How humiliating can this be, now the boy has two female onlookers and frankly the view is full on.

The Principal is careful to make sure this moment is well remembered and takes his time in administering Michael comeuppance. Eventfully he invites Michaels Mum to assist in the punishment. 

Michael is getting a good stinging spanking now from both the Principal and his own Mum. All this with the senior girl inquisitively looking on, with very little if anything left to the imagination!

Alessandro Katz plays Michael