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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Sting CFNM: Game Over

Sting CFNM: Game Over

The office manager (Judy Steel) has to keep a keen eye on her young trainees, especially as they are mostly newly hired cocky young lads. She's trying to train them on the job and has been given a free hand to do so. Being hands on is something she very good at!

Two of these boys (Paul Wolfe & Vitali Kutcher) are becoming the most troublesome. Miss Steel has already noticed that their eyes are not fully on the job. Its only a matter of time till they are caught up to no good. This time, wasting time, playing computer games when they know urgent tasks need to be completed and on schedule. She has a short sharp answer to slack attitudes with young males. If they want to stay in the job the two lads will now have to do exactly as they are told. 

Miss Steel's methods of producing renewed concentration have so far had very good results on the boys she has authority over. Firstly it will mean taking the two cocky lads down a peg or two. She orders them to strip to their underwear. Very reluctantly they do as they are told. Now they're going over her knee, like two naughty school boys, to have their bare bottoms well spanked and that's just the start!

By the end of their re training they are going to be one sorry pair of humiliated young men, both with very sore red backsides and a hard lesson learned.


Monday, 4 September 2017

Sting CFNM: Miss Steel PE Mistress (Part 2 of 2)

(part 2)

Blake and Cole felt totally ashamed and humiliated, not only had they both gone over Miss Steel's knee for an embarrassing (and painful) bare bottom spanking, but they were now stark naked, and totally exposed, standing in front of a strict woman.

Miss Steel had not even allowed them to cover their genitals with their hands, so their whole fit young bodies were on display.

However, if they thought their punishment could not get any worse they were very wrong, as Miss Steel reached for a long wooden ruler, the two boys realised to their horror that cruel implement would be used on their already sore and burning bare bottoms.

As Miss Steel ordered them to turn round and bend over they both knew what was coming.

These naughty boys knew their bottoms would soon be even redder and a lot more sore! 
They were not wrong, the PE Mistess intended to make sure the naughty boys would not be sitting comfortably on their tender bottoms when she sent them back to detention, or for some time after that!!

Two very sore, sorry and well punished young men


Ryan Conway and Don Diego played Cole and Blake



Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sting CFNM - Miss Steel PE Mistress (Part 1 of 2)



Two senior college lads are really pushing their luck. Instead of preparing for their all important finals exams they are content with lounging around, drinking and taking it easy. However the Headmaster is having none of it!

Blake (Don Diego) and Cole (new StingLad Ryan Conway) are both in big trouble. 
The Headmaster is too busy to deal with them so takes them down to the sports area where the infamous Miss Steel (Judy Steel) holds court. The Headmaster is confident that they'll get their just deserts from her, and the boys are only too aware of her fearsome reputation.

Now in the changing area the two lads are left to their fate. They certainly don't want to lose out on taking their final exams or worst still their parents finding out. Miss Steel is not to be messed with! Seniors or not they are in for a punishing time with a good spanking each for sure.

However, Miss also knows how to take cheeky lads like this down a peg or two and they're going to do exactly as she says, no excuses! Soon stripped with their rounded bare bottoms raised, they're in for a humiliating time, across the knee of the formidable Miss Steel, and that's just for starters!


in Part 2 the lads' bottoms feel the sting of Miss Steel's ruler.

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