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Monday, 16 October 2017

Sting CFNM: Uninvited


The last thing a group of young people need when they are throwing party is for some irritating parent to gate crash it. Unfortunately for Michael (Allessandro Katz) that's just what happened when his interfering Dad got involved!

Things went from bad to worse when some really dumb and humiliating games got prosed and both Michael and his friend (Lukas Pryde) were on the receiving end. The girls Naomi Bennet & Ornella Morgan loved it of course leaving the boys with no choice but to play along.

Now naked they would have to do as they are told. The festive and somewhat physical finale resulted in both boys being spanked by each of the girls, only to be abandoned at the end and a sore end at that!

The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube


  1. Would be great but the females make it a boner killer

    1. All Sting CFNM films feature females, this is always made clear when they are released. There are hundereds of Male on male spanking movie from Sting which you may prefer, you can find details of them at the Feel the Sting blog

    2. Strange comment for a film that clearly features women.. I personally think it looks fun and neither care if it men or women doing the spanking.

  2. I really love the story. Great job!

    However, Sting already has M/M spanking films, and I don't know why there is a male spanker here?
    All in all, I really appreciate your work. People who are into CFNM + F/M spanking struggle to find any new story either by real actors or comic.
    Thank you

  3. Maybe do similar scenarios but with male spankers?

  4. Rich is a maniac in these CFNM films... and I love it! Makes for a fun, hot, creative video.

  5. When are we going to see a cfnm movie like the the brothers

  6. I only wanted to say a respectful word to those who are disconcerted by the presence of females.

    Earlier this week was my first time for spanking a girl.

    One of my naughty boys, who likes being laid over my knee for the slipper in his rugby-league strip and also enjoys being spanked in front of his girlfriend, was coming to see me for his weekly discipline session. He rang me before he came round to tell me he had a surprise for me.

    The surprise turned out to be his girlfriend, dressed in a classic school uniform: light-blue polo shirt, a very short, pleated navy-blue skirt and white socks. It seems she’d decided after weeks of hesitation, to ask me for a spanking. I told her it would be my first time spanking a girl, but that would not deter me from my usual degree of severity: she would get her bottom smacked hard, just the way the boys did! She did not attempt to argue and after giving the lad a thorough smacking across my knee, first of all on his short, perfectly-fitting rugby shorts and then on his tight black boxer-briefs, I told him to put his hands on his head and watch while I spanked his girlfriend.

    “Bend over my knee, young lady!” I ordered her. Grinning cheekily she did as she was told. “Twenty-four spanks for you, my girl!” I told her. “That’s two dozen of the best!”

    Her skirt framed her bottom so spankably I decided to give her the first twelve smacks over it – it wouldn’t be much protection anyway. My hand is hard, as many a naughty boy has testified! And yes, as it was her first spanking, I decided not to lay on the slipper but to smack her with my hand.

    She took the first twelve really well, gasping at each hard SPANK! Her hips are narrower than those of most girls I know of her age and her bottom is firm and well-rounded, giving it a remarkably boyish quality – an absolute pleasure to spank!

    The first twelve over, I took hold of the hem of her skirt and lifted it up. Imagine my excitement when I saw that she was wearing ‘regulation’ navy-blue school briefs that framed her pert, cheeky, boyish bottom to perfection!! I have to say that over the next minute the briefs inspired me to a special effort! How she yelped! Amazingly, though, she held the tear back, and I’ve known plenty of boys not be able to do that!

    When her punishment was over, I sent both the kids into separate corners and left them to think about how they’d been disciplined. I told the girl as the kids were on their way out that next time she was going to get the slipper. She told me she can’t wait! Neither can I!

    All I'm saying is, don't close your mind to the possibility of an amazing new experience or sensations. I can tell you, I got as severe a boner spanking that young lass as I ever get when I lay a boy over my knee!

  7. Whjen does Sting plan to release the next CFNM spanking video? There have been 5 M/m clips since "uninvited and that was 50% M/m anf 50% F/m, so there have actually been 11 M/m vides since the last fully CFNM one.

    I know Sting is primarily a male on male studio but they did say there would be regulat F/m releases too. I am a committed fan of Sting CFNM, and can't wait for the next one. Georg

    1. I totally agree with this. It's kinda frustrating to wait for more than one month for one vedio :(. Cfnm fans have really limited options comparing to other categories. Yet, I'm still glad that Sting CFNM even exists.

    2. Hi guys
      Have patience, you will not have long to wait. Sting are currently working on a new CFNM movie, which they hope to release shortly.

      The strict ladies will be back spanking cute male bottoms soon!

    3. I love the CFNM also they are a bit off key to what I am used to but I like them a lot

  8. There is no other similar sites like stingpictures cfnm. Im so glad that really exists. Keep up the good work.