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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sting CFNM: Miss Steele (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of 2

Miss Steele, the Deputy Headmistress continues to keep the unruly lads in her charge under control with a strap a cane and a very firm hand.

The next unfortunate lad to feel that firm hand on his bare young bottom is Davis (Robin Palmer)


For the ever petulant Davis, he will strip off his grey shorts and go over her knee too, bare bottom well raised, for a scorching spanking.


After the spanking, the brown leather strap will finish the job.

leaving the lad feeling well punished and regretting that he ever broke the rules in the first place.



  1. Very very hot. Sting CFNM is the best

  2. Can Sting Cfnm be more diversed and show naughty boys other than twinks?

    1. Hi , I have discussed their plans with Sting, and they certainly intend to use a vvariety of types of naughty boys, including Jocka and hunks.

      They already have used guys with different body types, guys like Travis McKinnon, Victor Creedon, Don Diego and Joey Whyte are certainly not twinks!

      They plan to continue to cast a variety of actors in CFNM releases to appeal to different tastes.


  3. I really love when stingpictures cfnm use twinks, cause they look so tiny when get spanked by these women. Personaly i prefer twinks and miss Steele is so hot. More of these please

  4. Robin looks great in this but don't forget those feisty ladies dealing with some big jocks and bring then down to size like the Franco cartoons just wonderful.