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Monday, 12 February 2018

Sting CFNM: Lazy Bones


When Miss Hardacre (Naomi Bennet) finds James (David Hines) dozing in the gym when he should be out on a cross country run with the rest of his class, she is none too pleased. 

James is a lazy boy who will get out of anything that doesn't suite him if he can. He's been warned before but just hasn't taken any notice. Now his exasperated PE Mistress intends to teach him a lesson. If nothing else she'll to remind him to behave and do as he is told in future!

Nothing like a good firm and stinging spanking on a young brats bare bottom to do that, PE shorts up .....

 ... and down.

Afterwards some healthy exercise and then he'll to be sent off to get the PE Mistress's gym slipper.

After a good dose of this it's highly likely that James will join his comrades on the run with renewed vigour and of course a sore backside to remind him along the way!




  1. Oh, my only summer hat! Talk about pressing all my buttons! And then some! There’s so much I love here: a really stern dominatrix to start with, who knows absolutely how to deal with lazy, naughty boys! And then young David - his impish face and youthful good looks and cheeky grin, together with his pert, beautifully rounded bottom, thoroughly whippable back and slender, boyish physique make him the perfect choice for the spankee role in this juicy little number! Using press-ups as part of his punishment is a brilliant touch, one I have used during boys’ discipline routines myself! And then the shame-faced look as he is sent to fetch the slipper from the locker, where it is clearly kept for discipline purposes – another lovely touch! I got very accustomed as a schoolboy to the smarting SMACK!! of a hard-soled sandshoe through the seat of my gym-shorts and so I know how much it’s stinging David’s bum! And even more when he has no shorts or pants on, stripped naked for the spanking he deserves! It is an instrument of punishment to which I have introduced a goodly number of naughty lads. One of the things one or two of them have commented on is THE BURN!!! of the plimsoll as it smacks down across your bottom! And yes, properly laid on, it truly is a burn! You could easily think your arse was on fire rather than just being smacked!

    And then, I think my favourite feature of this fantastic video: one of my favourite spanking scenarios is to see a boy laid over the knee in white nylon shorts that are sufficiently translucent for us to be able to see what colour underpants he’s wearing and with the waistband of said underpants showing! Thank you, Sting, for letting him wear coloured underpants on this occasion rather than so much less interesting white ones (apologies to those of you who don’t agree with me on that one – chaqun a son gout, after all) – but a good short pair of black boxer briefs with red pinstripes – MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!

    Just one possible thought for another occasion: when the dominatrix ordered David to bend over for her to slipper his bottom, she used the words ‘Go over!’ Can I suggest another time the command ‘Bend over!’ be given? Those two little words are so redolent with significance to a good number of us, both in having had (or still having) the words said to us ourselves and regularly using them to bend naughty boys into the appropriate posture for the administering of corporal punishment to their pert backsides! I have to say that the frisson I experience personally when I hear those words in a spanking video said to a naughty twink is nothing short of delightful!

    All in all, I think this is Sting CFNM’s most delicious offering so far! And that is seriously saying something, as everything up to now has been utterly spanktastic! A massive thank you to Sting’s great production team and in particular to Naomi and young David for a great piece of spanking action!

  2. When are we gonna see CFNM the movie? Please more hand spanking over the knee.