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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Video Trailer for Sting CFNM "Splash Back"

CLICK HERE to view the video preview for Sting CFNM “Splash Back” at the new Feel the Sting blog


  1. Victor Adam is a huge guy, Sting should try him out as a Male on Male spanking top, he could put any of the current male actors over his knee witth their feet well off the floor.

  2. Miss Steele as always is very hot woman, but this guy is very huge for her. I believe these women should spank much smaller guys. It looks much hotter

    1. I respectfully disagree. What makes this video so hot is the fact that she is spanking a big guy. I’m actually buying from Sting CFNM for the first time because of this video.

    2. Just to reassure you both, as with their M/M output, Sting are aware that CFNM spanking fans have varying tastes in terms of Male body types.

      I am sure they will continue to try and cast a variety of actors to appeal to all tastes.

    3. Thank you. At least the last four videos before this one (Time’s up, Lazy Bones, Michael's Continued Misery, and Cheat) have only skinny actors. So I really hope that Sting CFNM will consider more viewing of masculine guys as well in future.