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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Video Trailer for Sting CFNM: Miss Steel Down Under

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  1. This is superb. Your actors have set the highest standard in both giving and receiving corporal punishment. They capture the intense psychological excitement of a young man whipped with a cane across his bare buttocks by a beautiful, skilful, disciplinarian who holds him completely in her thrall. There is no mistaking that the young man is undergoing a life changing experience and learning the respect due to women. He really does experience intense pain - and I was hoping that the mistress might reward him for his stoicism.

  2. Will your other young men accept the challenge of the cane across their bare buttocks, wielded by Miss Steel?

    1. Sting tell me they are sure that a number of the lads would be up for it!! :-)

  3. Tell Miss Steel she MUST reward them for their bravery - in the way only Miss Steel knows how!

  4. Basically, young men KNOW they often do wrong - and KNOW they have to be corrected by beautiful women. They resent it - but welcome it - at the same time. For a week after correction, they bear their stipes with pride.

  5. The important thing is that Miss Steel loves the young men she whips.

  6. I would like so much to be punished like that by beautifull Miss Steel.